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25 Sep


After a pretty chilled out September (Rose went to Portugal, Camille went to America, Beattie stayed in her bedroom), we are back! Refreshed. Revitalised. Ready to comedy.

AND WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS TO TELL YOU (no, none of us are pregnant).

We are doing a run of PARTY VIBES at London’s SOHO THEATRE!!!

Photographed by the wow wow wow Sarah Cresswell

Photographed by the wow wow wow Sarah Cresswell

This December we will perform our super-fun smash-hit show PARTY VIBES for five nights only and WE NEED YOU THERE (otherwise we’ll look really pathetic and stupid which is the worst way to look in the festive season).

Bring your colleagues and get drunk on the back row, bring your friends and learn all our dance moves, bring your Gran and explain all the jokes to her in a really loud whisper. Whoever you bring we promise we will have the best and most rewarding time of our lives!

A humongous thank you to everyone who came to see PARTY VIBES at Cowgatehead at the Edinburgh Fringe this August. Even though our venue looked like a crack den and  had no toilet backstage for our nervous pre-show poos we managed to cram over a hundred of you in every night. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We wouldn’t have got this run without you. Now please go forth and preach PARTY VIBES to the world.

Here’s the link to book tickets which you will obviously do RIGHT NOW!


P.S. CLICK HERE for our gigs page to see if we are bringing PARTY VIBES to a place near you!