23 Jan

Happy kind of nearly the end of January! Hasn’t it been DEPRESSING? No. No? WHY NOT? Because we have been eating cake and drinking gin and putting off our new year’s resolutions till the middle of the year dummies.

That pic is a still from a short film we did called Valentine, directed by the uber-cool and talented Kate Herron with Rob Savage DOP’ing the shit out of it.

It’s on at the London Comedy Film Festival this Sunday with a load of other shorts and you can get tix and info by clicking HERE.

WHAAAAT? It’s on at the cinema at 11am on a SUNDAY morning? Chill out guys. It’s just like being locked in at school over night. It will feel wrong and bad and exciting and dangerous and ultimately we’ll all feel glad we experienced it.

Here’s a link to an interview Kate did for Shooting People about the film and other bits…CLICK ME!

Hope to see you there!

P.S. We are doing a new material night VERY soon! INFO HERE!

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    Lovely post by the Birthday Girls on the short we worked on together

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