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Scotland Comedy Fringe

14 Aug

Fans, friends, enemies. It’s going great here in Scotland, Edinburgh. The sun shines for seventy hours a day, the locals have taken us into their hearts and their homes (for just £3,000p/m) and the streets are paved with haggis. It stinks. It’s a health hazard. I don’t know why they would use haggis instead of concrete, it doesn’t make any sense.


Our shows have been going really well. We are having to turn people away at the door, because we don’t want it to be our fault if someone dies of being squashed. We don’t know why so many come. It must be because our venue looks like a crack den. Comedy fans love crack so much. It could also be because of how safe it is and they want to feel safe… NAAAHT

IMG_2444(But actually now it’s fine and all the problems have been ironed out and no one has died of falling through a floor hole or electrocution.)



So if you happen to be in Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Festival then come and see our show, Birthday Girls: Party Vibes, at Cowgatehead space 6 at 10pm every night. Come every night. Also BREAKING NEWS we’ve added an extra show! Friday the 15th at 11:30pm. We’ll be so tired it’ll be so much more fun!


Love you