23 Sep
Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Hey guys,

We’ve had a little break of late. We did the Edinburgh festival and it drained us of most of our life force, so we took a little comedy nap.

The good news is that now we’re back home in stinky old London and we have eaten enough food to sustain us for the winter. This means we will be doing some comedy shows, or ‘gigs’, which is great news for those people who missed the Edinburgh festival, because we will be doing our AMAZING show Birthday Girls: 2053 at the following places:

Saturday 28th September, The Globe Inn, Glossop:  TICKETS PLEASE

Sunday 29th September, The Frog and Bucket, Manchester: PRETTY PLEASE!

Thursday 10th October, The Camden Head, Camden

Sunday 20th October, The Pleasance, Islington:  HO LORDY!

So get yourself down to a gig mates! We need you to come.


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