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A Video For You

26 Nov

Here is a short video of a sketch that we filmed with help from a man called Tom Levigne. Hope you like it!

Also remember to come to our gig on Thursday the 28th of November at the Kings Place! (details in last post)



6 Nov

HO LORDY, we’re doing a really good comedy night guys. It’s on the 28th of November at The Kings Place! It’s going to be us, some good comedy friends and us, the kings place, comedy, friends, us and some great comedy and good times. GUESS WHO’S ON! (not really I’m going to write it down now):








(I’ve run out… of verbs)


So come on down.

It’s at the Kings Place.

Don’t miss out.



29 Oct

hEy FArTHoooooleS!

It’s Halloween on thursday and we made a funky-fresh video to celebrate. Why don’t you watch it then?


23 Sep
Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Hey guys,

We’ve had a little break of late. We did the Edinburgh festival and it drained us of most of our life force, so we took a little comedy nap.

The good news is that now we’re back home in stinky old London and we have eaten enough food to sustain us for the winter. This means we will be doing some comedy shows, or ‘gigs’, which is great news for those people who missed the Edinburgh festival, because we will be doing our AMAZING show Birthday Girls: 2053 at the following places:

Saturday 28th September, The Globe Inn, Glossop:  TICKETS PLEASE

Sunday 29th September, The Frog and Bucket, Manchester: PRETTY PLEASE!

Thursday 10th October, The Camden Head, Camden

Sunday 20th October, The Pleasance, Islington:  HO LORDY!

So get yourself down to a gig mates! We need you to come.


Brill Prank Evs!

28 Apr

We did a video. Beattie doesn’t like it.

Turkey: More Than Meat

23 Apr


Just wanted to let you guys know that Beattie is going to be on the tele tonight as a posh lesbian dj living with David Haig (typecast). It’s called ‘The Wright Way’, it’s written by Ben Elton and it’s on BBC1 tonight at 10:35. Watch it!


We can’t watch it, because we’re on hol- we mean a writing retreat in Turkey! Here are some of our favourite snaps so far…

photo5 photo photo6 photo1 photo7 photo2 photo8 photo3 photo9 photo4

Favourite phrases from the hol- writing retreat are:

Camille: Deniz urunlerine alerjim var. I’m allergic to shellfish.

Beattie: Beni sadece seks icin kullaniyorsun. You’re just using me for sex.

Rose: Hey, Spice Girls, you like cheese? Hey, buy my cheese English girls.

Brighton Fringe! Birghton Finge! Bsifhton Fange!

5 Apr


We’re doing the Brighton Fringe in May with our brand new show Birthday Girls: 2053. It’s basically a show about the future.We know you’ll like it.

Why don’t you come and see us? Make a day of it. Have some fish and chips. Bring your kids (don’t bring your kids).

All the information you will need is here.

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Life of a Writer: Retreat

2 Apr

Oh hey fellas.

‘Cos we are trying to write an Edinburgh show we need to vacate London sometimes and go on hol- I mean ‘Writing Retreats’ to nice places where we do lots of work and also eat loads and drink wine.

Here is a documentation of what usually happens…


26 Mar

Hey birthday bitches

Camille was on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on…Saturday.

What direction do you think this will go in?

‘One way, or another’…you’re gonna like it.

Don’t go ‘crazy, crazy, crazy’… if it won’t load fast enough.

Can Camille turn both left and right? No, she can only go in…

Beattie and Rose say ‘that’s what makes her beautiful’.